Objectives of our Lab
Challenging the new era of Pattern Recognition
Dept. of Intelligent System,
Graduate School of Information Engineering,
Nagoya University
A quest for Pattern Recognition
Looking into the Future of Pattern Recognition
We are studying a wide variety of
recognition subjects to meet the needs of modern life,
like crime prevention and the use of robots.
Making vehicles Intelligent
Realizing Intelligent Vehicles
We aim at making driving more safe and comfortable,
using sensors mounted on vehicles.
Supporting Human Vision
Using Pattern Recognition
We aim at supporting and enhancing the human vision.

Welcome to the homepage of the VisLab!

We research on recognition, understanding, searching, generation and editing of videos and images.
Our ultimate aim is the support and enhancement of human vision.

Research Groups

Our Lab is divided into two research groups, based on their research subject.

Human Sensing Group

We aim at making our lives more convenient through the recognition of various subjects, like written characters and human pose.

Environment Sensing Group

We aim at making driving more safe and comfortable, through researches like semantic segmentation and vehicle ego-localization.

Inquiring the field of Pattern Recognition

In our lab, we research on pattern recognition everyday with unique students who each have strong sense of purpose. We welcome the following personnel.

  • Those who want to study image recognition
  • Those who want to use media information for research
  • Those who are interested in the realization of Intelligent Vehicles
  • Those who want to study while associating with colleagues.

Recent works

We research on various themes using video and images.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested.

Contact Information

Furo-cho, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya, Japan
IB Building South #457
Phone: 052-789-3310
Fax: 052-789-3807
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